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About Papadatos Sofas

Papadatos S.A. is a design and manufacturing group that started in 1990, founded by George & Nasos Papadatos. Along with his staff, Papadatos designs and oversees the production of an extensive line of furnishings. Their philosophy balances simplicity and honesty so that the designs may continue to grow in today’s ever-changing world.

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Furniture designed with Papadatos’ Values

The key to Papadatos identity lies in the ability to combine modern with timeless and elegant with comfortable. Papadatos’ collection includes a wide range of day and night furniture products, such as beds, comfortable armchairs, elegant sofa and minimal and modern sideboards designed to perfectly match to each other. Low tables which discreetly perform their function without changing the balance of their entire environment. Papadatos collection includes products for the dining room as well; tables and chairs, that harmoniously coexist with every other piece of Papadatos’ collection.

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Eco Design

Social Responsibility is a fundamental value for the corporate philosophy of Papadatos. This sense of responsibility goes beyond the legal obligations of the company. Stems from concern for people and communities to which they belong in. in this context Papadatos has developed two prototype programs of social and environmental action which are constantly expanding.
In Environmental terms, the company evolving vision of a product 100% environmentally friendly, over the last decade has replaced almost every non-green feedstock as well as constantly recycles every unnecessary recyclable material and packing While never uses timber coming from protected tropical forests.
On the social level, Papadatos fully respects the principles of fair trade and is against any form of labour rights violation consistently over its social obligations, benefactors where considers it as possible.

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Papadatos relies on first-class materials and its well-skilled staff for the manufacture of its products that is what makes them so unique.
Each authentic Papadatos product has stitched on its cover the authentic label as well as the booklet with the maintenance tips and its guarantee. The existence of the three fully certifies the authenticity of the product.

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Jacopo Giagnoni A Solid Design Relationship

Papadatos and Jacopo Giagnoni: the company started working with the Italian architect and designer back in 2014 and collection after collection this cooperation continues to strengthen the identity of a brand whose distinguishing feature is continuity. The first collection developed jointly with Jacopo Giagnoni consisted of just a few pieces but was hugely successful among all the trade. Thus ensued a wider working partnership that culminated with Jacopo Giagnoni.

Jacopo Giagnoni a Solid Design RelationshipThe deepest roots of this successful collaboration in terms of the results it has given lie in the deep harmony that binds Jacopo Giagnoni to the Papadatos’ family and in their having the very same mindset. The cultural background, professional experience and sensitivity of Jacopo Giagnoni found fertile ground in a company that translated the designer’s insights into finished projects.

Papadatos collections are born in a climate of shared ideas, surrounded by a myriad of cues and observations. These may come from different sources of inspiration and then converge into aesthetic motifs that interpret the Papadatos style in a modern key and with a special focus on the details, finishings and materials that give the collections their uniqueness.

Jacopo Giagnoni founded his architecture studio in 2000 in Florence, Italy. While he was still a student and after graduating cum laude in Architecture at the University of Florence, Jacopo gained experience in several renowned architecture and design consultancies as Archea Associati and Rossi Prodi Associati leading project teams and working for public institutions and brands. Carrying on his personal and academic research, he achieved a PhD in Urban and Architectural Design at the University of Florence where he lectured as a Contract Professor and still collaborates. He has been a member of the editorial staff at the international magazine of architecture Materia from 2000 to its end, 2013. Professor of Industrial and Interior Design to Accademia Italiana, University of Wales, Arcadia University.

Joinwell is Papadatos’ exclusive agent in Malta and through our own experience in quality products and commitment to sustainability we recognize and promote the brand’s sofas for their premium quality and environmental credentials. To read more about our brands, click here.

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