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Sofas by Calia Italia

Crafted skill, historical value, forward-looking. With the artistic direction of Saverio Calia and the commercial strategy of Giuseppe Calia, the Calia Italia brand today is able to offer over 50 new models per year with a wide variety of leather and fabric covers a range of 40 different articles with over 400 colour variations. Calia Italia offers its product portfolio to an ever-expanding international market that opens from Europe to America, to the Middle East and touches the Far East.

Explore Different Sofa Collections

Sofas Chairs and Pouf Superior

Refined and precious sofas that stand out for their modern and sophisticated design to create an impressive sofa, perfect for those who want to amaze their guests and share great moments of togetherness with them.

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Calia Italia Mater Familias in blue

Sofas Modulars

“Lo Spazio diventa tuo” is an entire collection devoted to modular sofas, where sofas are reinterpreted as dynamic elements which adapt, evolve and change together with the room setting they are port of, bringing a fresh look to any environment. Being completely customizable, modular sofas can be assembled in different ways both as far as shapes and colours are concerned: they are the perfect choice for those who love to freely organise their home living spaces.

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Calia Italia Hip Hop Modular Sofa

Sofas and Chair Premium

More than just a sofa. These sofas are the centre of attention in home furnishings.

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Calia Italia Romeo Sofa


Calia Italia’s sofa beds are designed to meet any esthetic and functional needs and are ideal for those who look for this kind of product: a contemporary designed sofa collection that perfectly matches the home-furnishing style, offering a unique comfort experience both during daytime and at night.

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Calia Italia Sofa Beds Divani

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