Joinwell introduces new brands Bolia and Papadatos.

Joinwell introduces new brands Bolia and Papadatos.

To further diversify our portfolio, we are proud to announce that we are now the local arm for designer-led Scandinavian brand, and new up and coming Papadatos hailing from a small family operation in Athens. Discover more…


What Bolia is all about

Bolia make furniture. A design house from Denmark doesn’t just make ordinary furniture, but puts creativity at the heart of it. This is why we, at Joinwell, fell in love with the brand and we are convinced you will too, which is why it is now on display in our showroom.

Bolia has a team of award-winning designers from Europe who put all of their soul into the design of their unique collections, which is filled with personality and love. Each piece is hand-made and the options are endless. From furniture to upholstery to lighting and accessories, Bolia doesn’t cease to impress. They have no big warehouses and no old stock, each piece is perfectly customized.

Come check out our display located in the loft of our 3-storey showroom – it is aimed at exciting all of the senses with inspiring materials – soft velour sofas, wood textures, wonderful scents and of course furniture in New Scandinavian Design.


What Papadatos is all about

Papadatos is all about sofas. This small family-run company from Athens is dedicated to the design and production of an extensive line of furnishings. The company’s philosophy is to create a harmonious balance between simplicity and honesty to produce pieces that combine modern with timeless, and elegant with comfortable.

Papadatos is focused on manufacturing each piece with care and dedication, using premium materials and attention to detail. This allows us to customize the products to suit our clients’ needs better. A wide selection of fabrics and unique features, make the Papadatos Sofas different from any other sofas you have seen before.

Experience the beautiful selection of Papadatos sofas and living room pieces, located on the first level of our showroom, and let the sofas take you places.


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