Hug 01


Hug 01

Hug 01 is just one from the unending options created by Noctis, from their latest collection HUG. The two soft circular cushions, extractable and removable, are the characteristic and functional element of Hug 01 Round.
Made in high density foam and covered with fabric matched to the bedframe, they enrich and add comfort to the panel of the wooden headboard,
available in different colours and finishes. A game of curved lines, infinite possibilities of combination and personalization.

Discover the full HUG COLLECTION by Noctis by clicking on the various models below:

Hug 01 Round
Hug 01 Pillows
Hug 01 Lines
Hug 02
Hug 03
Hug 04 Soft
Hug 04 Cross
Hug 05 High
Hug 05 Low
Hug 06

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