Hülsta AUNIS


Hülsta AUNIS

Impressive Elegance.

Carefully selected solid woods in walnut and natural oak are eyecatchers in every room. Tapered shapes at the top and bottom give Aunis a dynamic feel. Elegantly crafted surfaces in anthracite structured lacquer or rear-lacquered glass provide an exciting and high-quality look. Its distinctive shape is repeated in every unit, making an impressive impact in any room. Glass cabinets, sideboards, lowboards and highboards, coffee tables or lit glass shelves –
Aunis has everything.

The all-round comfortable feel is enhanced by the modern and urban design. Tilted milled features deliver a dynamic overall look. Solid oak underlines the natural charm whilst solid walnut creates elegance. Strong accents in anthracite structured lacquer offer the respective contrast. Further accents are set by indirect, energy-saving LED-units, which can be dimmed and switched from cool to warm white.

Sustainable design

Highest quality and sustainable design do not contradict one another. AUNIS respects nature’s precious resources by using them conscientiously. The scarce raw material solid wood is therefore only used on the outside of the AUNIS designer range. The inner sides of the furniture are lacquered in colour, providing an elegant, high-quality look that has been responsibly designed.

Quality. Design. Individuality.

One look, one touch is sufficient to recognise genuine quality. This is proven by exclusive design, meticulously selected materials, high-quality manufacturing and detailed craftsmanship as well as by sustainability, perfect functionality and consistent beauty that retains its attraction for many years. This is the type of quality synonymous with hülsta.

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