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Systemat AV6000 Warmth and comfort within your own four walls – masculine furnishings can make it happen. AV 6000 sets the best example. Extremely stylish and at the same time homely, this kitchen in warm wood shades and puristic black invites you to linger, cook and eat. The colour-coordinated handle strips prevent visual disturbance on the fronts. AV 6000 focuses on functionality, conciseness and rationality – authentically underlined by features such as a niche railing with universal shelf and LED lights, which is mounted at a convenient height above the sink.

Systemat AV6000 – Warm wood leaves room for personality

We love natural materials, and wood in particular. Because wood is a renewable resource that can turn a thousand and one ideas into reality. Wood always conveys a pleasant atmosphere. Visually a real all-rounder with its individual wood grain and in terms of haptics: a soul warmer.

A special detail: the three-piece low board on the back of the cooking island. Inside the drawers and behind the doors below there is sufficient storage space for all odds and ends. The low board integrates harmoniously into the kitchen design, yet stands out casually from its surroundings due to its small metal feet. Cool in its straight, masculine surroundings. It is often the little things that perfect an ambience.

The tall cabinet as the centrepiece of the kitchen and living room

Stylish, modern and very practical! The tall cabinet offers plenty of storage space and is a real visual highlight. In addition to crockery, glasses and other kitchen utensils, treasured recipe books also find a sheltering refuge here. The handleless fronts open at the touch of a finger without leaving any traces. Choose your favourite material for the front. The oven and steamer enable perfect operation. The ergonomically designed hight ensures an optimal work flow.

Natural wood combined with plain black underlines the masculine flair of the room. This is notably reflected in the tall cabinet, which benefits from an elongated wooden shelf that is integrated in the upper section.

The perfect space to exhibit extraordinary pieces or accommodate home entertainment. Decorative objects are an absolute must in every kitchen. Matching accessories made of glass and metal are showcased here to further underline the purist charm of the AV 6000.

Must have – a cooking island as the heart of the kitchen

The centrepiece of the AV 6000 is the cooking island, which also provides space for socialising. A flat drawer is integrated directly underneath the ceramic hob to store essential cooking utensils ready to hand. This special drawer is optimally designed to fit the flat dimensions. Additional drawers on the side of the cooking island provide easily accessible storage space. This is where pans, pots and the like are stored.

Built-in appliances from Blaupunkt – also in your Häcker kitchen

Select Blaupunkt appliances in your new kitchen. Häcker Küchen offers the whole range of built-in kitchen appliances as an own brand of built-in kitchen technology under the renowned label Blaupunkt. All products for heating, ventilation, water and cooling are available here. Equip your kitchen with steamers, hobs, ovens, vertical or island hoods, dishwashers, refrigerators or freezers.

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