Styles: Table


Sturdy, unique, and particular, Midj’s Clessidra Table associates the passing of time to its round shape. With a diameter of 150 cm, it consists of two conical elements joined by a thin metal ring, recalling a real hourglass. The table… Continued

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Table fix or with extensions with lacquered Metal rings. Base in lacquered Metal, veneer Wood or SuperMarble. Top in solid Wood, heritage walnut solid Wood, veneer with edge in solid Wood, veneer Wood, Glass, velvet matt-Anti scratch Glass natural Marble,… Continued

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Defined by its statement base, the Imperial Table features an intertwining upper bracelet and lower bracelet frame which can also come in different finishes to create contrasts within the table. The table can be designed with an elliptical, barrel shaped… Continued

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The table is inspired by the simple but genius refectory table used in ancient monastery. The result is a modern and elegant restyling of the original model: it maintains the structural wooden characteristics but increased the contemporary design which makes… Continued

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ET 20

This designer dining table easily makes space for more guests, as it can be elegantly extended. 120 cm length turns into 170 cm, making room for six instead of four people. Wider versions can be extended by a whole metre…. Continued

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ET 17

The designer dining table ET 17 offers numerous design possibilities. Its table top consists of three planks that can be offset. You can also combine pure white, white or grey with natural oak or core walnut. The metal frame is… Continued

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